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Questions about our Covid-19 Policy? Learn More
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Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US and its incidence in the US continues to climb.  Prevention and early detection is important for the residents of Idaho as almost all skin cancers start as small, low-risk lesions, that can grow and become high-risk lesions if left untreated. Providers at Davis Family Medicine are trained to look for these lesions and remove them.  In most cases, you will not need to be sent to a dermatologist.  Dr. Davis and her staff have over 40 years of experience treating diseases of the skin.  DFM providers also treat numerous other skin conditions, including acne, eczema, warts, rosacea, and psoriasis, and hair loss. Schedule a “comprehensive skin exam appointment” today.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Our recommendation for skin cancer prevention is to make an appointment in your birthday month to have your “birthday suit” examined by one of our providers.

Mole Removal

Any annoying moles? Any moles that concern you? Come on in and have a provider check it out and remove the mole if necessary.


Come discuss all of the various treatment options available. We treat adult acne as well as teenage acne.


Let our providers determine the cause of your skin issues.

Healthy Skin Management

Wonder how to take care of your skin to keep it healthy, youthful and beautiful? Come in and discuss your skin care questions with our providers.